When you are an avid follower of a sporting event in the world, regardless if it’s basketball like the NBA or WNBA in the United States, or you’re a fan of one of the teams that are currently racing in the Formula 1, there’s one thing you’ve always wanted to do ever since you’ve started following closely the said sporting event: watch the said event, LIVE. Why? Let’s face the bitter truth: watching your favourite sports is relatively boring and to make things worse, there are countless instances when you even need to additional fees before your local cable provider give you a channel where you can watch the sports that you are crazily into. When you are at the actual venue where the game is being played, the viewing experience levels up to the point that it becomes personal because you are just a few rows away from the game itself. Aside from the unique viewing experience where you can shout and cheer with fellow fans, watching a sporting event live gives fans the opportunity to buy more sporting merchandise such as official NRL merchandise if you happened to be a follower of the NRL in Down Under Australia.


As early as yesterday, June 26, 2017, tickets for the 2017 NRL Telstra Premiership Grand Final is now on sale exclusively for Ticketed Club Members. Furthermore, the tickets for the general public are expected to go on sale, too, starting this coming Thursday, June 29, 2017. In addition to this, 10 lucky fans who will buy tickets will have the golden opportunity to upgrade the tickets that they have originally purchased to not just one, but two Ultimate Experience category. If chosen, these lucky fans will gain seats on the halfway line, an exclusive NRL merchandise and, a 50 Dollars’ worth of food and beverage voucher that you can spend at The Cross Bar. Also, since the theme for the 2017 NRL Telstra Premiership Grand Final will be “Let’s Make it Grand,” the lucky winners will be selected from among the purchaser of the game’s 1000th ticket up to the 10,000th ticket.

About Author: Christopher Williams