Among the long list of slimming products, a rising number of people are losing weight with HCG. HCG means Human Chorionic Gonadotripin. It is proven safe, effective and made from natural ingredient that is why there is a very minimal report of side effects by those who take the supplement. Although HCG supplement is proven effective by its users, the product alone will not remove those extra fats and weight from your body. It has to be coupled with self discipline and some simple methods in order for it to be hundred percent effective. Here are some tips:

Reduce or eliminate sugar and starch

Watch what you eat. If possibly, take away the sugar and carbohydrates from your daily diet. These are the type of food that stimulates the release of insulin in your body and as you know, insulin is a fat storage hormone typical in your body. With low insulin level, fat comes out naturally from the fat stores and the body starts burning those fats naturally. Cut down on carbohydrates, lower your insulin by not feeding your hormones with sugar and you will see the difference. With less carbs and sugar, you will eat less without feeling hungry.

Eat more protein and vegetables

You will speed up losing weight with HCG by increasing your protein intake and low carbohydrates vegetables. The recommended amount of carbs consumption in a day is 20-50 grams.  Low carb vegetables include broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, Brussels sprout, cabbage, celery, lettuce, cucumber and kale. You will find a comprehensive list of low-carb veggies on the internet. On the other hand, good protein sources include beef, chicken, salmon, eggs, shrimps, lobsters, pork and lamb. Protein speeds up metabolism and it also makes you feel full even with lesser food intake.


In order to make losing weight with HCG easier, exercise three times a week. For beginners, you can do the exercise twice a week and increase it into three when your body is already used to it. Take 30 to 40 minutes of work out to shed off those extra weight and fats faster.

About Author: Christopher Williams