For sure you don’t want your team building activity to be drab and boring, more so ineffective. That would be a total waste of time and money. Team buildings are conducted to enhance work relationships, team spirit and more importantly, the productivity of teams at work. To come up with fun team building activities, be more specific and creative. Here are some ideas.

Collect ideas on the internet

You can do away with facilitators if you are just a small team. You can do away with hiring facilitators and research team building activities that work instead. You can ask for volunteers to hold different functions for the activity such as facilitators, time keepers, observers etc. The good thing about holding your own team building is you no longer need to hire external facilitators so you save money on that part. You also encourage your team members to improve their facilitation skills. You can find a lot of ideas for team building games and activities on the internet. Go for fun team building activities that do not require a lot of props.

Hire effective facilitators

If you have a medium to large size company, it would be better to hire professional facilitators. A large group may not be handled by those who do not have the expertise on team building facilitation. To get the best results, search for companies that specialize on corporate team building and find out how they can meet your requirements. Before finalizing your decision, check the website of your prospect company and read customer reviews. This will give you an idea on what previous customers have to say about the facilitator’s service.

Book in advance

When you are satisfied with the information you gathered on the internet, you can start withfinalization and the necessary arrangements to realize your fun team building activities. Book your reservations in advance such as your target venue and other vendors especially with the facilitators. This will ensure that you will have a venue for your event and experts who will facilitate your team building activity.

About Author: Christopher Williams