There are certain legal documents that need to be delivered right away to the concerned person. However, you don’t have to do it by yourself even if you are the petitioner. As a matter of fact, you can hire process server in London to deliver the document for you. Having a process server gives you the assurance that the legal document or notification is duly served and was received by the respondent giving him no excuse to respond to the notice in court. You can find a lot of process servers on the internet. To help you find the right process server, take a look at these ideas:

Choose a local process server

The cost of process serving is determined by two factors; the point time when the document would be served and location of the respondent. If the process server is within your locality, you will get lower fee for the delivery cost. Higher fees are collected for addresses that are located in remote areas while additional fees are collected for legal documents that are served repeatedly due to unavailability of the respondent. A process server in London may require higher rates for documents served during holidays or for document that need to be delivered by rush service.

Read customer reviews

To ensure that you will get high quality service, find out what the customer reviews are for the company. Check the ratings of the service provider from the website or from discussion boards online. Avoid process servers with negative feedback from previous customers and those with low success rate.

Verify the agency’s success rate

Another point to check is the success rate of the process server in London that you plan to hire. Some process servers can deliver within 24 hours with success rate of more than 80%. You can find this information from the website of the process server and also from independent signs online. Your friends in the industry can also be good sources of information especially those who have already sought the help of process servers in the industry.

About Author: Christopher Williams