Can you soundproof a window? This is a typical question asked by an individual who is suffering from sleep deprivation due to noisy neighbors. When you live next door to a family that has kids, you can be distracted at different times of the day. Even if you love kids, you will be frustrated if they do not allow you to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

A woman who has been suffering from sleep deprivation for 3 years because of the screams of the neighbor’s child was advised to seek help from social services. A sleep-deprived mother turned to Mumsnet for advice because the 5-year old kid next door would scream up to 2 hours every night until he becomes exhausted. When he wakes up at midnight, the screams start all over again.

The sleep-deprived woman and her partner tried to solve the problem amicably with the neighbor but they insisted that all children make noise. The partners were considering the idea of soundproofing their bedroom. Many were unsympathetic with the woman’s dilemma and have suggested that the child might have some special needs. Some outraged neighbors have commented that the best solution is to stop complaining and move to a different home. However, there were others who suggested calling the police and social services.

Sleep deprivation has serious consequences. Everybody has a right to enjoy peace inside their homes. If the child has a medical condition, the parents should explain the situation to their neighbor. Refusing to address what is wrong with the child is ridiculously selfish. Children in particular are noisy but it should not be excessive to disturb a next door neighbor who is entitled to peace.

Soundproofing the home seems to be the best solution. It is very likely for the woman to ask “can you soundproof a window” so that the noise from the neighbors will not disturb sleep? Acoustic grades of laminated glass are effective for intensive noise reduction. Double glazed windows can create a more peaceful environment but by integrating laminated glass into a new double glazing, noise pollution can be reduced by at least 50 to 55 percent.

About Author: Christopher Williams