The best fix for unsightly popcorn walls is plastering where a layer of plaster is placed on the wall to cover bumpy finishes. When the wall is not smooth, no matter what décor is used, the desired ambiance cannot be achieved. However, plastering may not be the best option when you are only renting the home or you cannot invest time and money to adequately cover the ugliness of the wall.

There are some quick fixes that can successfully cover the wall if plastering is not an option due to cost. If you are renting, plastering sounds like a big investment. But if you are quite handy with fabrics and staple guns, you can cover the unsightly wall. Choose a fabric in a colour and design that appeals to your taste and use a glue gun or Velcro strips to install the fabric on the wall. A staple gun is easier to use because you can easily pull the fabric off when you’ve grown tired looking at it or if you are moving to another apartment.

When rising star interior designer Nick Olsen can no longer stand the look of his undesirable wall in his New York City apartment, he purchased several lengths of discounted Ralph Lauren fabrics in dark green and ivory colours and invested two hours tacking them up with a staple gun. The apartment was located in an old tenement building where the walls were really in bad shape.

If you are worried about the frayed edges of the fabric, you can easily cover them with ribbon appliqué using the same staple gun. If you don’t feel good about patterns, opt for a solid coloured fabric to do the trick. You can also cover the ceiling if it looks bad to achieve the full tinted effect.

However, plastering is still the best fix when the walls look hideous. If you need some plastering done on your walls, you can call plasterer in Sydney who will provide you with the interior solution. Aside from plastering and painting, walls that have been damaged by water can be repaired. The design of your commercial space can also be managed from start to finish.

About Author: Christopher Williams