There are many processes utilized by researchers in order to determine if an Australian mosquito repellent is effective or not. One of these is to ask a volunteer to insert their hand, applied with the said repellent, and place it inside a little box filled with the bloodsucking mosquitoes. It will then be observed if the substance applied is effective or not in repelling them. This type of testing is a good method but not the best one out there because of the limitations it presents such as the lack of volunteers.

Every human has different odors and skin characteristics and these are variables that should be considered when using this technique. It has been shown time and time while using the process that not all humans get the same response from mosquitoes, others are more prone to mosquito bites while there are people that do not attract the bloodsuckers at all.

There is another testing method used which involves the use of a heat source in order to imitate a warm body together with a collagen membrane that acts as the human skin. These are then covering a container that is filled with human blood. These are all placed inside a small plastic box. The process is found to be effective but because the module is very limited in space, the mosquitoes are not able to fly away to show that the mosquito repellent is actually working. Another limitation is that only a small amount of mosquito can be placed inside the box for testing.

Due to the continued threat of diseases brought by mosquitoes, researchers continue to find the best Australian mosquito repellent and testing is being done accordingly. The good news is that scientists working for the University of Mississippi’s National Center for Natural Products Research have developed a new testing method which is in vivo with the aid of a human unlike the current testing procedures which are in vitro. The new bioassay system is referred to by the scientists as A & K. this new system makes use of a cage with human blood placed inside an acrylic reservoir. A water circulator is located below to set the blood into human temperature and over it is a sheet of collagen similar to human skin.

About Author: Christopher Williams