Founder of Incy Interiors, Kristy Withers, has found the solution to broken goods delivered to her customers – better packaging. But before this, it was a horror experience for the business owner Incy Interiors has always been quick to answer customer complaints. However, there were some things that were simply out of their hands. They were jumping from one courier to another was the scenario before they found a real partner in Go People.

Kristy Withers says that in the past, they just fulfilled orders, not considering the fact that these will arrive damaged at the doorstep of their customers. Comparing courier prices might be the main concern for some business owners, but for Withers, choosing the perfect one was more than about getting the most affordable price. She says that most of the couriers that they used were the same – it was difficult to get in touch with them when they were met with delivery concerns. Withers also says that they had some customers sending them pictures of goods that were obviously damaged by the courier provider such as being run over.

The sentiment shared by Withers was also experienced by other retailers. Nicole Lander  ofLasertag-in-a-box says that while she can easily track and trace parcels that are being sent in cities, it’s a different story for regional locations.

In a recent survey, almost 50 percent say that it’s difficult to contact courier services during the delivery of their parcel. While some businesses can always choose to use the service of delivery services that offer online tracking and tracing of parcels, some stick with the ones that offer cheaper rates after comparing courier prices online, thinking that this can help them save on costs. Some businesses on the other hand value timely delivery and thus depend on couriers like Go People that provide them with geotechnology.

Withers on the other hand is not taking chances anymore. She says that she is now spending some extra money on what she calls as ‘extreme packaging.’ Some couriers do provide bubble wrapping for their parcels but Withers chose to take matters into her own hands and bought durable boxes and foams for their products just in case.

About Author: Christopher Williams