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Welcome to THE SC GULLAH PEOPLE’S MOVEMENT and learn about the history of the Gullah, their culture and traditions as well their way life of life. We also highlight the latest news and events so that people will be informed about the African-American population. We also provide local and national news that is both entertaining and informative.

What is Gullah?

Gullah is the language of the African Americans living along the coast areas of southeastern United States. Gullah is still spoken today. There was a time when the natives did not want to be associated with Gullah or Geechee because it was considered an embarrassment. Today, to be labeled as Gullah or Geechee is considered an honor because of the celebration of culture that is distinguished from the rest of America.


It is our mission to provide information that focuses on the political, social and economic issues that affect the Gullah or Geechee population. Our site will also include interesting stories about their food, culture, customs, beliefs and way of life that have been passed down from their parents and grandparents.

One of the interesting Gullah traditions is the creation of coiled grass baskets that has been handed down from previous generations. The way that the Gullah weaves baskets makes use of a needle from a spoon handle or a piece of bone to sew natural materials like sweetgrass, palmetto leaves, longleaf pine needles and black rush. The process is now considered an art and this is the information we want to share with you.

The history and folklore of the Gullah or Geechee is shared through storytelling and singing. Storytellers are respected members of the community and this tradition is carried out by the new generation of Gullahs during live performances.

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