The largest insulating glass line in the world is operated by sedak GmbH & Co. KG, Germany. The extraordinary glass processing plant employs about 150 employees that process glass into high quality and uniquely oversized insulating and safety glass. In Gersthofen, everything is considered important from the employees, machinery and the high quality of its glass products.

The company has mastered the techniques of creating large format glass that allows exciting architecture, exceptional designs and visionary buildings to come true. In the dictionary of sedak, there is no such thing as impossible because they are committed to be the leader in glass finishing.

The glass insulating company is aware of the fact that the demand for large-format insulating and safety glasses is on the rise that is why it is systematically investing and securing its niche position in the industry. The largest digital printer for ceramic colors began its operation in 2014. Since 2015, the glass finisher has operated worldwide as the largest insulating glass line.

The glass line is 145 meters in length with a fully automatic processing of insulating glasses of up to 3.2 meters by 15 meters and maximum element thickness of 102mm. Because of the operation of LiSEC insulating glass line, sedak became the only glass finisher in the world and supplier that can realize all finishing processes for glass formats of up to 15 meters.

LiSECis a high end special-purpose machine construction that produces oversized glasses for requirements that are particularly high. The process elements of sedak is up to 15 meters with a running meter weight of up to 450kg and spacer applied with an accuracy of 0.5mm. LiSEC has also developed a fully automatic removal station for the large format insulating glass elements to enable an extremely gentle handling of the glass sheets that often weigh up to 6,750kg.

Glass is now being used for balustrades, pool fencing, shower doors and balustrades for both aesthetic and safety purposes. If you have requirements for high quality and cost effective glass-inspired design products, there are glass suppliers near me that can provide for your needs and budget.

About Author: Christopher Williams