Airport link is a service that provides a vehicle to transport people from the airport to a nearby city. It is by commuter trains, rapid transit and/or other ways of technological transportation. There are a lot of advantages to this mode of transportation such as faster travel time and very easy interconnection with other modes of public transport. At the same time, the public authorities have benefited from less highway congestion, less pollution and it has added to more business opportunities. Also, with the use of these links, the airports benefit from more passengers due to easy access even without a private vehicle to use.

In Oceania, specifically in Brisbane, an Airport Link Tunnel is used. It opened in 2012 costing $5.11 in toll. Its construction has caused damages to suburban homes and gardens. The local residents claimed that this damage that occurred three years after it started its operation could cost hundreds of millions of dollars in repair. Most of the residents who live directly above a portion of the tunnel claim millions of dollars for compensation from the government of Queensland. Dr. Winter who has a PhD in Civil Engineering owns a lodge road above the two Airport link tunnels. He claims $2.49 million from the government for repairs to his property. He stated that he was not aware of the testing that caused vibrations occurred during construction. Another one of his concerns was that a sinkhole appeared directly above the tunnel, which is at his backyard. He claims the land was not tested properly and that the soil structure was too weak for the structure and the construction techniques that were used.

This airport tunnel has more controversies than what is let out. The contractors Leighton Holdings, now known as CIMIC, took more than $1 Billion of write-downs after underestimating on how complex the project is, thus lost billions due to cost blowouts and delays. An investigation was conducted on the sinkhole causing the contractor to fill the hole.

In many cases, there are no train or ferry stations that are close to the airport. Thus, the use of airport links has become a real advantage and benefit to the passengers to drive them to a location with another mode of transportation that will bring them to their desired destination. The most common type of an airport link is called the shuttle system, which transports the arriving passengers to other nearby stations. The mostly used shuttle systems are buses or trains. But with the technology today, tunnels and trains have been producing around the world also.

About Author: Christopher Williams