Like any other commodities in the market, there is greater benefit if you are going to buy products in wholesale. If you are an orchid aficionado or you need wholesale orchid plants to decorate a large venue or perhaps you want to resell and distribute orchids, the best way to go is buy them wholesale to get more value for your money. Here are some of the notable benefits that you can get in buying wholesale.

Cheaper shipping costs

Whether you are going to have the orchids shipped locally or internationally, you will always save money if you are going to have the plants shipped as one instead of buying them a piece and have them shipped to you one by one. Just make sure that the shipper that you are going to choose has the expertise to handle live plants and more so, the seller of wholesale orchid plants has the reputation to pack and handle orchids properly in such a way that you will receive the orchids in excellent condition. Remember to repot the orchids the moment you receive them as they were repotted by the supplier or shipper in a temporary water-retaining pots with shipping mixture to keep the plants hydrated.

Lower buying rates

When you buy wholesale or higher quantity from an orchid grower, it would be easier for you to negotiate the price and ask for discounts. Avoid orchids that are offered at discount price because there might a catch somewhere. Instead, buy higher quantity and ask for a discount on the overall amount. You can buy bargain orchids if you are buying it directly from the seller and you will have it right away. But if the orchid would still be shipped, a bargain orchid might get to you in a critical state.

You can resell it

Another benefit of buying wholesale orchid plants is that you resell it among your friends or neighbours. Just make sure that you have interested buyers to avoid having a supply of orchids which you may not need, in the first place.

About Author: Christopher Williams