Swimming is a must-try whenever you visit Australia for vacation. They have a lot of swim spas in Sydney that you can try. However, if you plan to swim in the world-renowned Sydney Harbour, it can be highly dangerous as bull sharks dwell underneath the deepwater pockets. As a great deal of shark attacks had happened a century ago, the Sydney government initiated a safety drive to construct netted bathing pavilions and pools built around the harbour’s most magnificent beaches and coves. Here’sto mention three of the nicest and safest swimming pools in Sydney.

North Sydney Olympic Pool

This famous pool is between the monumental structure of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Luna Park recreation district. It was builtin 1936 with a cost of £47,000 or about $10-million in today’s money. It’s one of Australia’s important decorative structures. The pool is heated all year round so swimmers can enjoy the pool in any type of season. It also has indoor swim spas in Sydney. Entrance fee for adults is $7.10 and $3.50 for kids.

MacCallum Pool

This is strangely a charming and the smallest u-shaped pool on the western side of Cremorne Point. It is one of Sydney’s swimming pool, whichwas originally constructed in the 1920s by donor Hugh MacCallum in affiliation with the North Sydney Council. Previously, patrons had to pay five shillings per year as membership fee to fund maintenance and upkeep of the pool. Today you can totally swim in here for free!

Balmoral Jetty and Baths

The swimming hole is situatedat the south end of Balmoral Beach. It was constructed in 1898 providing shark netting for protection. The pool is actually the oldest, continuously utilized bathing pavilion in Sydney. The Mosman Council worked on major revitalizing works that changed the structure’s old timber piles and modified the wooden decking some five years ago. Today, the pool is perfect for those wanting peace and quietness from city hustles. It may be wise to check if they have swim spas in Sydney for patrons.

There are still more beautiful pools to explore and swim along the Sydney Harbour. You will just need careful research to know where these areas are. So keep and stay safe when swimming in these waters.

About Author: Christopher Williams