Last week, the PUB which is the national water agency in Singapore, has to send Hexacon Construction a stop work notice. This is because of they have damaged a water pipe located in the area of Tampines. The water pipe which has a diameter of 300 mm was driven out of its location due to the ongoing construction of an overhead bridge for the pedestrian.

The event disrupted the water supply from a food court inside the Eastlink Mall and the bus interchange close to the construction site.

PUB said in a statement that after investigation they were able to find out that Hexacon Construction did not comply with the submissions required before they start their project. The construction site is between Tampines Central 2 and Tampines Avenue 5.

It is the protocol that before construction starts the company has to verify if there are water pipes in the area. After which, they must send a construction survey report to PUB along with a statement that details all the work they need to do in order for the construction to be accomplished. They must also submit a report assessing the impact of the work on the water supply in the area. A qualified professional will then submit reports on the protection measures necessary.

PUB said in the statement that they are mandating Hexacon Construction to send the necessary documents as soon as possible together with measures on how they can rectify the situation spearheaded by a qualified worker.

Aside from halting the construction work, they have already repaired the water main that has been affected. The agency said that the company is required to perform implementation works in order to u protection back to the water pipes and they are waiting for a clearance from the PUB.

While the pipe was broken, the food court as well as the bus interchange was able to use temporary water supply with the aid of the PUB on-site which delivers water wagons together with water bags.

PUB said that the stop work offence can have a fine as high as $10,000. They is not the only water pipe incident in the country as there are other two leaks that occurred within the same week.

About Author: Christopher Williams