A resident in Greensboro, North Carolina was thankful he had security cameras set up in his home.

One of the cameras’ revealed a trespassing man in his house in Hamilton Forrest. In the morning of Tuesday, he was notified by his security system that a bustle was taking place outside of his house. He was taken aback when he viewed the footage on his camera.

An offender was seen on tape attempting to access the parked vehicles in the garage. The man who was then wearing a mask saw the camera; he tried to destroy it then went off.

The owner of the house said the offender was not able to get anything. A quick look of his face has been recorded. Authorities hope the image will be identified by someone and report it to the police.

The incident stirred the homeowner to set up more security system.

The attempted thief occurred on Tuesday. According to the police, a couple of successful burglary happened during the previous month. The thieves were able to steal cars in the same neighborhood. It was easy for the criminals because the cares were not locked. Police reminds citizens to always have their homes and cars locked.

Last August, another burglary was caught by a home video in Kentucky. Unfortunately, the burglars successfully stole items worth thousand dollars. The homeowner Robin Moore hopes that the video will lead to the thieves’ capture. He fears that if they don’t get arrested soon, they will have another victim.

The crime happened past ten in the morning. They were three, a woman and two men. The video captured them as they tried to enter the backdoor by kicking it. When their attempt failed, one used a hammer to break a window. One of them then entered the broken window and opened the door.

A camera set, vintage jewelry chest and video games were among stolen items.  More than the possessions lost though, Moore worries about other people whom they could still victimize. He is mostly worried about his wife, who was currently in the second floor of the house when the thieves broke in.

About Author: Christopher Williams