This year, Durga Puja will be celebrated in a grand sized, ornamentally lighted and tastefully decorated pandal that mimics that of a film setting. Durga Puja is one of the most important festivals of India for the ceremonial worship of the mother goddess. The festival is celebrated with much gaiety and grandeur that is why the pandals are decorated with a palatial look. Aside from fancy rotating lights, changing lights and LED lights, false ceilings and artificial walls painted with natural color including carpets are used to provide an ambiance of grandeur.

In India, pandals are either permanent or temporary structures that are used for religious ceremonies. Pandals are often designed and constructed to look like the old era temples of Himachal area. Once the pandal at Arya Nagar where 74th year celebrations of Durga Paja will be held is fully lighted up, it immediately becomes the talk of the town because of its look of grandeur.

Very often the pandal has a white colored ceiling with maroon walls and pillars. The false ceiling or suspended ceiling is frequently made from thermocol. In order for people not to realize what stuff the pandal is made from, jhumars and modern lighting are used to add beauty. Traditional ways of decorating and constructing the pandal are made on a grand scale in order to add more magnificence and beauty to the structure.

At Shastri Nagar where the Durga Puja will be celebrated, the pyramid shaped pandal will be lighted on a Monday, the first day of the celebration. Large entrance gates have been erected with a large jhumar at the center. The yellow color idol of Maa Durga will be given the final touch by artists while the inner side of the pandal will be illuminated with lights and decorated with flowers and jhalars to create a beautiful and devotional ambiance.

Efforts have always been made to ensure that the pandal has a magnificent look. Even the surrounding trees are brightened up with LED lights to conserve power and to encourage people to make use of the advanced lighting system. You may not be building a pandal but you can certainly benefit from false ceilings through Crisp Contracts Ltd.

About Author: Christopher Williams