The director of the Central Intelligence Agency, John Brennan, said that according to intelligence reports and analysis, Iran will push on creating a nuclear bomb if peace talks with United States and other countries will not be successful.

Brennan further said in an interview that the Iranian government is ready to face the consequences, costs and danger in building a nuclear weapon. Iran’s drastic move to build a nuclear weapon would mean redirecting materials for civil energy use into the construction of the weapon of mass destruction. Despite the impending perils and problems, the director is convinced that Iran will continue with its plan.

Iran has been sanctioned last year as it was being accused of building nuclear weapon. The CIA head said that the United States could prevent Iran from constructing the bomb. In President Obama’s meetings and pronouncements, he has made it clear that the United States condemns Iran’s move in making nuclear warheads. He also laid out the sanctions for Iran if they push through. And if Iran decides to continue building the weapon the country will face peril from powerful nations.

The United States along with concerned nations are working on a pact that will set the rules, sanctions and Iran’s future in order to hinder its nuclear plans.

However, the house of congress in the United States is divided in this issue. The Republicans doubt that Iran will hold true to its end of the bargain. This sentiment is also expressed by the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu has always been in favor in enforcing stricter sanctions towards Iran. Recently, the Israeli and US friendship were on rocky paths because of opposing ideas in how to handle the threat of nuclear weapon from Iran.
Meanwhile, the presence of the extremist group ISIS has kept both Iran and the US busy in thwarting off the militant groups from the Middle East. Iranians are focusing their efforts alongside with Iraqi military in pushing back these terrorists from Iraqi soil.

The growing tension and threats in the Middle East has long been a problem for nations that sought peace. To succeed in eradicating terror, nations should unite and stand up against the demons in the Middle East.

About Author: Christopher Williams