According to Andrew Paparozzi, the senior vice president and chief economist for Idealliance, the market is expected to grow this year 2017 but he advised that commercial printers should not only be smart and savvy but should strategize well when it comes to offering more services to the public. The printing industry used to have a segmented landscape but this is no longer the case. Signage no longer represents signs for shop along. The same can be said with direct marketing program which is ideally employed by commercial printers. In order to grow, one must be able to learn how to differentiate.

The marketing manager of Sign & Display, Graphic Solutions Business, Tom Wittenberg, said that pricing in the current commercial printing market is very competitive. Add the fact that the margins are declining. Commercial printers are now looking for other opportunities to be able to expand the services of their business while improving their overall marketing in the process. The best chance to achieve this is to offer wide-format printing.

Many are curious why inkjet printing in wide digital format is considered as a profitable opportunity. The numbers are proof to this. Based on industry reports, with market for wide-format varies greatly when it comes to growth rate but, on average, the whole market is increasing at a rate of between 10 and 12 per cent.

Cannon Solutions America’s manager of marketing, Randy Paar, said that they consider wide format to be the most profitable of all segments because the margins it has shown is quite unprecedented in the field of commercial printing. If commercial printers were to add wide format into their services then they would be able to increase their current customer base and be able to meet the demands for outsourced volumes while saving and getting a higher turnaround.

According to the product marketing manager of Fujifilm North America, Heather Roden, commercial printers offering services such as split canvas prints are enjoying the benefits they are reaping for utilizing the wide format which is growing at a steady rate compared to the flat results of offset printing sector in the market.

About Author: Christopher Williams