The wedding industry tends to be defined by the big celebrities and their lavish, fairytale affairs. The wedding industry, with the prevalence of wedding experts all over the world started following the grandiose event that was Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s wedding.

Fast forward nearly 40 years and another celebrity wedding has brought a new wedding trend into the fore.

Following Pippi Middleton’s recent wedding and visit to Sydney, couples are now taking note of making ‘earlymoon’ plans when they visit their Sydney wedding planner.

The ‘earlymoon’, as the name implies, is time spent by the engaged couple away, together, acting as the bonding time before the wedding. It’s become more popular as of late, played in part by the recent occasions of celebrities practicing it, and due to the fact that it works well as a relaxing period before the wedding, set after the incredibly stressful wedding planning process, that any Sydney wedding planner can attest to.

Amy Shey Jacobs, one of Chandelier Events New York’s associate wedding planners, has stated that she has seen a notable increase in pre-wedding getaways, and, having seen how effective they are in alleviating the stress related to planning a wedding, have been including ‘earlymoons’ as part of her wedding plans for her clients. She says that it’s a time for couples to unwind and reconnect with one another, following the stress of having to meet the deadline that is a wedding date, which she states is seen as a time where everything should be perfect.

A lot of couples are now spending their time together before the big day as a way to unwind and relax, as well as reconnect with their fianc├ęs.

Jacobs has given out advice on how to enjoy time during a pre-wedding getaway, saying that the best time to go out and enjoy it is before the time that the wedding invites are given out. She says that travelling before handling the invites is useful, since it allows the couple to relax and recharge, ensuring that they’re in the proper mindset when making the last, big decisions for their special day.

About Author: Christopher Williams