Business and trading is an important aspect of a nation’s development and growth. In order to keep this in order, good relations are kept with other countries and this is done via agreements and understandings. Theses allow countries to keep exporting possible between countries thus keeping the businesses growing and alive in the different markets. Such is the case for the Danish products as last March 12, 2017, China and Denmark saw a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) being signed between the Alibaba Group of Companies and the Denmark’s government.

This agreement increases exports from Denmark to China and helps promote Danish culture and tourism to Chinese travelers and was celebrated via a VIP event held at Alibaba’s headquarters just outside Hangzhou, China. This event unveiled the Denmark Pavilion which showcases different Danish brands. This Pavilion allows the Chinese consumers see and know what Denmark has to offer them. This also is a venue for new brands to exhibit their wares to the millions of Chinese consumers and travelers. Note that some Danish brands are already active in selling their products via and Tmall Global with their online stores such as Danish design watches online store.

This agreement also strengthens the cooperation between Alibaba and the Danish government in protecting intellectual property rights and anti-counterfeiting actions. The speakers in the event, Mr. Tsai and Minister Samuelsen, Alibaba Group Executive Vice-Chairman and Denmark’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, respectively, emphasized that this partnership and collaboration will help expand and grow the flow of quality Danish products to the Chinese market which is the largest network of e-commerce consumers. This will also be a venue for the promotion of websites such as Danish design watches online stores much like what Lars Larsen Watches have to offer.

The pavilion will allow direct access to the growing number of middle-class Chinese market who are fond of shopping online. They would also want to promote the excellent Danish designs in hope that more Chinese consumers would appreciate it and in turn, would want to visit Denmark in the coming future. With the support at both ends of Alibaba, China, and the Danish government, this endeavor has a positive foreseeable future.

About Author: Christopher Williams