The executive director of the Stormwater Utility located in Merrilville is seeking aid in order to solve the ongoing drainage problems that are bothering many of the residents in Southmoor Park. The executive director is willing to offer some assistance as long as the councilwoman agrees with the project and has funds available.

There was a drainage improvement project that was decided more than a year ago together with the stormwater management board and the town council. The project was given a funding of around $600,000 in order to improve the drainage system of the 80 properties that are inside the subdivision. The plan was not seen into action because many of the town’s residents are not in favor of the swales installation as well as placing of crushed gravel in their properties right of way.

The executive director, Matt Lake, revealed how the residents are asking for new curbs as well as gutters and an overall road renovation. Lake also divulged that he has been planning on how to help the 10 homes that are situated in the worst part of the subdivision that are experiencing the effect of the drainage problem. For these 10 homes, he proposed to install swales that come with underground drains but it must be situated in the properties right of way.

Lake said that a meeting was held together with the homeowners and he was happy to see that 10 residents were there to listen and agreed to the plan. He also shared how Robinson Engineers have offered to make some changes in their original plan and cater only the 10 homes included.

A meeting was conducted by Lake along with the Stormwater Management Board regarding the proposed project. The modified project will now cost less than the original plan and is said to be worth around $558,000. Lake wanted to ensure that the cost will be funded if there is any financing money on the table.

The project will start once they have received the wetland permit and are expected to be finished within 120 days. For drainage projects and plumbing concerns, schedule free consultation with Pro-Jett Plumbing & Drainage.

About Author: Christopher Williams