There are many reasons why homeowners are advised to hire only professional and licensed electricians in Bulimba and the story of an electrician in Adelaide is one of the reasons why. The unlicensed electrician in question is Kawana Rothes George who is 51 years old.

He was contracted for a living room renovation but because he is not licensed in the field, a ceiling fan in the household was transform into a booby trap that can electrocute the people inside the household. Add the fact that it is not installed properly thus the risk of falling on people is high.

A fine worth over $10,000 is ordered by the Adelaide Magistrate Court to the unlicensed electrician because he put the lives of the occupants at risk of being electrocuted.

According to the court, he was hired because he showed the clients a false license number when asked for his certificate of compliance. After the case was made public, Dini Soulio who is the commissioner for consumer affairs warned homeowners to perform a legitimacy check before hiring tradesmen and paying them.

He added that the man worked without license and he does not have the right qualifications. The work he did was very low in standard that it created a safety risk among the occupants of the house.

He urged the public to visit the public register of the Consumer and Business Services before hiring an electrician to make sure that they have the proper license to conduct electrical works.

Clients who have hired George before are also asked by the Office of the Technical Regulator to hire a professional to check the previous jobs performed by the con-electrician.

George was charged according to the Plumbers, Gas Fitters and Electricians Act as well as the Australian Consumer Law and he pleaded guilty to several violations.

He admitted to performing works as an electrician at the property located in West Beach but he was not able to install the ceiling fans properly and put the lives of the homeowners at risk. He was fined with $9,100, a prosecution costs of $800 as well as client compensation of $300.

Homeowners should be careful when hiring electricians in Bulimba because there are many scammers nowadays and it is always best to double check with the public register to make sure the contractor is legitimate and licensed.

About Author: Christopher Williams