The Kitchen Cabinet – an advocacy group residing on Elwood City, takes a step forward in sharing some of their blessings in the form of sponsorship for an event to be held at their motherland. This will be in accordance to the local election, which will be the consecutive second time for the group to act as a sponsor for the cycle. The event entitled, Meet the Candidates, which will be held before the main event to be held on May 19. 2015.

The event mentioned which was entitled ‘Meet the Candidates’ will act as a forum for different categories. The first one will be for the School Board for Elwood, where they of course, feature the candidates for the election. In it will be held on the auditorium of the Municipal Building in Elwood City which is on the second-floor. With the same setup – place and time, another showing of candidates will be held on May 14, which is for the Borough Council.

The candidates are all pumped up and surely, they are all hoping to have a chance to be part of the council – some are new, while some are attempting to once again step on the premises of the council. Two people, George Celli and Suzanne Bleakney are taking their shot for the Republican Ticket. The former, Celli, became a part of the council for the span of 10 years when he unfortunately met the end of his reign after losing on 2013 for re-election.

For the Democratic Primary, council members like Marilyn Mancini, John Todorich and Ralph Chiappetta are also preparing for their shot as well. There are also former members of the council like Judy Dici who was only able to serve for a year, Lerino who unfortunately lost on 2013, and Brown.

As for the position on the school board, many are also aspiring to become part of it. There’s the president of the board, Mike Neupauer and current vice president, LeRoy Cortez. Newbies within the mentioned world are also setting their eyes on being able to seat on the vast amount of vacant positions available for the taking.

It was mentioned above that this will be the second time that Kitchen Cabinet will sponsor such event. The Association initially gave life to these events on 2013, in the hopes of showing the people the candidates and getting to know them before election.

About Author: Christopher Williams