Commercial security in Perth is an important issue because businesses should be safe in order for customers to feel at ease in conducting business with them. The same level of priority is also given to businesses in India thus Truecaller launched a new innovative method in order to make sure that visitors dropping by the office are to be trusted. Their innovation will also serve as an additional level of security aside from the actual security personnel on site. This will not only be beneficial for commercial buildings but residential properties as well.

As of writing, there are no means for a company to do a background check on the visitors coming to their work area but with the partnership between Truecaller and Vatika Business Centre, they were able to add to the security and safety of commercial buildings. The two companies were able to develop a technology that is responsible in conducting visitors’ authentication.

Along with the launch is the opening of the company’s first office in North India located at Sohna Road in Vatika Business Park. This is only the beginning as they are planning to expand more in the future.

According to theTruecaller’sco-founder and chief strategy officer, NamiZarringhalam, the partnership was an exciting endeavor for the company because they have been aiming to achieve a higher level of efficiency when it comes to their operations while making sure that privacy is still given the utmost priority. This new innovation will not be violating the privacy of the customers because they will be providing permission before their information can be accessed. He added that their DNA is made up of privacy thus they value this among many others.

The integration utilized is unique and eliminates the need for an OTP process. It can also be used in various VatikaCentres located all over India. This security will surely be a game changer in the industry much like innovations that are currently being utilized as commercial security in Perth and all over the world. The innovation will give another level of security which will benefit the companies as well as the customers.

About Author: Christopher Williams