You may not be aware yet but there are many adventurous things to do in Melbourne and all you need is a local to show you these things. This is why Airbnb, an online marketplace for hospitality needs, decided to create their new platform called Trips Experiences. It taps the market of three cities in the Asia Pacific – Hong Kong, Bali and Melbourne.

The experiences are now available in more than 40 cities all over the world and 600 of these experiences can be found in Asia Pacific. The activities listed by Airbnb are going to be done with local guide. This is a way for the locals and the government to have a shared economy and, at the same time, travellers will be able to have authentic experiences when visiting a foreign city.

As of writing, the hosts of Airbnb Experience are able to earn over $6 million. In the Asia Pacific, Experiences bookings are increasing at a rate 14 times ever since it launched at the beginning of this year. Booking data revealed that Tokyo is one of the top cities with the highest bookings from the international market.

The three new cities will bring in 120 more experiences to the list which will further the current portfolio for the Asia Pacific cities such as Tokyo, Singapore, Bangkok, Osaka, Queenstown, Sydney, Seoul, New Delhi, Ho Chi Minh City and Shanghai.

Before the end of this year, more cities will be added to the platform including Jamaica, Hawaii, Costa Rice and Buenos Aires.

Parin Mehta, the trips director for Airbnb for Asia Pacific, said that solo and group travellers are always looking for adventures when they go to a foreign city. Aside from booking accommodations, these travelers always wanted to experience these cities as a local would.

Airbnb provided an opportunity for people to be able to share their passion while earning at the same time. This is the reason why Trips’s Experiences has become popular as it helps travellers decide on adventurous things to do in Melbourneand make the most of their holidays.

About Author: Christopher Williams