It requires a big responsibility when you buy a car. Even if it’s just for a lease, you still need to come up with a substantial amount for down payment. You also need to make monthly payments for many years. Perhaps you need the vehicle for a short period of time, however rental cars are a bit costly, especially on a long term. If you prefer Flexdrive over NCWC Inc dealer services, you pay as you go, an option not fitted for traditional purchasing of cars.

Flexdrive is a joint venture between Cox Automotive and Holman Automotive Group. It offers car buyers the ability to choose a vehicle that fits their needs, gets approved for the car, pay a subscription for the vehicle, and choose the best time to pick up at a nearby dealership, all through mobile application. The 28-days or weekly subscription fee is paid for how long you may prefer to keep using the service. It includes roadside assistance, insurance and maintenance. It’s something different than NCWC Inc dealer services.

The service is still new with its office opened on March in Cherry Hill, and has been well accepted in Austin and Atlanta.

According to vice-president, retail support, Holman Automotive Group Jeremy Paolone, it is a social program that is digitally based, including gaining social media followers, and using digital referral programs to create a loyal base.

Considering the evolving desires of consumers, Flexdrive’s long term plans, just like NCWC Inc dealer services, are just offering fund assistance from car dealers all over the country, aside from the traditional methods of leasing or buying.

Flexdrive includes customer cases like those serving the military who are training for six months and need a car for that period of time, or probably a graduate student who needsa vehicle for that semester.

Paolone adds that the service is a recognizable option for those who have poor credit history who are seeking to buy a vehicle, as high credit score is not important when using aFlexdrive vehicle. It’s a great option to improve credit score, until you are ready to buy a new car of your own.


About Author: Christopher Williams