A high school in Brooklyn recently lost its afterschool and weekend tutoring program because of budget cuts. The faculty together with the parents are hosting various fundraising events in an effort to restore the tutoring program.
According to the students and faculty of Bedford Academy High School used to hold a Saturday instruction where every student are required to attend. The program has proven to increase the test scores of the students but it was stopped last February because of budget cuts.

Another program affected by the budget cut was the afterschool tutoring done every weekday. It was pushed back to resume late in the semester and will only be conducted twice every school week instead of the usual four.

Cluny Lavache, the assistant principal of the school, voiced that these programs are the only time wherein the students will be able to get individual focused attention from the teachers. The Saturday program has stopped and Lavache is concerned about the alternative opportunities that the students will seek which is better done with the teachers who knows them well enough.

The city data together with the faculty has shown proof that the extra class time has increased the ratings of the students in the preparation for Regents while proficiency levels have also increased in all four subjects.

Out of the 365 student who are attending Bedford Academy, 200 are said to be attending the mandatory weekend sessions the previous year since the seniors are an exemption. If they need to prepare for Regents and test, the sessions are usually done for 12 hours between 9 in the morning until 9 in the evening.

A junior at Bedford, Jasmine Lindsay, expressed how the termination of the weekend program will add stress to the students. She admitted not wanting to spend dinnertime at School on a Saturday but she also expressed how the program has helped her.

Monique, her mother, helped organizing a photography auction which is going to happen on April 25. Another fundraising in the form of a walkathon was also organized by the parents. During the event, they will be selling chocolates in boxes to raise funds.

About Author: Christopher Williams