There are hundreds of gift wrapping accessories and tools that can be used nowadays – from custom boxes to ribbons – like the ones in Paper Mart. A gift is appreciated no matter how big or small. The packaging speaks a lot because it means someone made sure it looks great on the outside to please the recipient.  If you are an amateur in gift wrapping, follow these tips:

– When wrapping your gift, don’t forget to tap your inner creativeness. Gifts that have irregular shapes present the most challenge and may sometimes give the recipient a hint on what is inside. If your gift is small such as socks or a bottle of perfume, get some bubble wrap at Paper Mart or a tissue paper at home and wrap them up tightly before inserting inside the roll of an empty paper towel. You can then take a wrapping paper and cover the roll, twist the two ends and your gift will resemble a giant candy. Make sure to secure the twisted ends using ribbons from Paper Mart. For medium to larger sized items, use gift boxes or spare containers you have.

– Before wrapping your gift, make sure you have covered the price properly. It is not polite to give gifts with the price still intact. If you can’t take it off without making a sticky leftover, use some stickers to cover the amount or a black marker to cross it out.

– Your wrapping paper might be cute and all but if you don’t have the right tools for gift wrapping then the result will be less than perfect. You may think tape and scissors will make you a gift wrapping expert but that’s where you’re wrong. Invest in a quality rotary cutter as well as a dispenser for the tape to be able to work faster and more efficiently.

– Before you start gift wrapping, make sure you are working on hard surface such as a counter top or a table. This will help you avoid any tearing and the paper won’t slip out.

– Remember to put the gift upside down before wrapping. This way, the overlapping wrapping paper will be at the bottom once done.

About Author: Christopher Williams