For most retailers, the Christmas season is the most profitable holiday of the entire year. However, tight competition will require business establishments to deploy creating sales and marketing promotions in order to bring customers through their store fronts and entice them in making purchases. Friendly customer representatives, fast services as well as an appealing place for merchandise with decorated structures will all help in creating a festive mood and will attract customers to the store.

Get the customers hooked early

You can hold early Christmas sales in order to get the wallets of your customers before the shopping holiday commences. A lot of Christmas shoppers will start buying in earnest right after Thanksgiving and hold pre-Thanksgiving sales in order to cut competitors off at pass.

Create something fun

Shopping during Christmas time can be very stressful for customers. It is for this reason that you need to seek for ways in order to make your holiday sales an experience which is pleasurable. You can provide free Christmas cookies, coffee and hot chocolates to early customers. Offer festive and fun giveaways like inexpensive ornaments with store logo, raffle ticket or a candy cane for a prize drawing. You can also play Christmas carols and invite choirs to perform inside your store in order to attract customers. If you are an upscale retailer, you can hire string quartet to play different Christmas classics.

Sweet discounts

You may hand out Christmas candies to customers as they enter your establishment which has mystery discount coupons inside of it. For example, you can distribute miniature chocolate candies with five or ten percent discount coupons beneath the chocolate label where customers can use on top of the sales pricing structure.

Host Events

You can offer free childcare so that the parents can have the opportunity to shop and browse at their own leisure or offer a section in your store where people can be comfortable in seating while watching Christmas movies. Host unique events and bring in patrons like Christmas trees and people wearing ugly Christmas sweater. This will draw a crowd and more and more people will get curious and go into your store.

About Author: Christopher Williams