Brian Pfaff was the decorator responsible in decorating the Hall House and making it ready for yet another Christmas season. For the Christmas tree alone that is located at the front parlor of the house museum, Pfaff spent almost all afternoon making sure that there are enough lights for the entire tree. They started the hard task of erecting the giant Christmas tree which is artificial, by the way. The local fire marshal will not allow a live tree inside the historic landmark because it is combustible and poses a higher risk of catching fire.

Pfaff already considers himself an expert after a few times wherein he has to take the tree up and down in a matter of two days. Pfaff is currently the Historic Salisbury Foundation’s property manager. In other parts of the house, there are a team of volunteers and all of them decided to be this year’s decorator. The volunteers decided to be a part of this year’s decorating team at the Hall House of Historic Salisbury Foundation. After the decoration was done, there was a special reception for Christmas held at the house the next week. After the reception, the house is already accessible to the public in the usual weekend hours until the holiday is over.

As per the annual tradition, there will be candlelight tours at the Hall House starting at 5:30 in the afternoon until 8 in the evening on Christmas Eve. The Hall House can be found at 226 S. Jackson St. the weekend tours starts at 1 until 4 in the afternoon.

During the decoration process, there are teams and individuals hard at work in decorating every single room, hallways as well as the outside part of the Hall House. The dining room was decorated by the Members of the Master Gardeners, this group of people are veteran decorators of the house.

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About Author: Christopher Williams