Businesses are now leveraging the use of technology. And why not when this is the new way to communicate with buyers and clients?

Just take a look at the retail industry. In the past, while buyers opted to shop in traditional stores nowadays, people expect to be able to buy almost anything they fancy with the use of the Internet. It does not matter how big these are. In fact, it is now common to find big items like that of office furniture online. One furniture company recognizes that technology is the new way to do business in this modern age.

City Furniture contracted software giant IBM to help them make use of online data to help them with sales activities and in retaining their customers. The furniture store chain is already expected to roll out three new apps for several hundreds of their associates who are working in Florida. They say that the apps will help improve product recommendations, schedule deliveries, and streamline payments. In short, it will make shopping an easy feat both for their employees and their customers.

According to IBM global managing director and general manager for the consumer industry Laurence Haziot, the tech savvy consumers make it a point to conduct their own product research whether these are for items like clothing or shopping for office furniture online. With the new apps, City Furniture will be able to easily access relevant customer or product data.  City Furniture President Keith Koenig says that by having the right information, they can expect to have better customer transactions.

Did City Furniture make the right decision? Technologies like apps aren’t cheap, especially for businesses.

The expense may be justified. At least this is what the Brits are implying. Global research shows that Britons are highly dependent on mobile apps as well as on their smartphones. In fact, some are claiming that this can be considered as important as breathing. Some would even lose their trousers than be left without the use of their smartphones.

It only shows that businesses, whether they may be in the furniture industry or other type of industry should start investing in technology to help them engage their current and potential customers.

About Author: Christopher Williams