The latest care complex located in Hull recently decorated their kitchen with 1950s them while the living room is filled with 1960s from the 1960s era. This is all in an attempt to improve the condition of their residents suffering from dementia. The management has been looking into roller blind prices and vintage furniture long before the remodelling.

The reminiscence pods can create a nostalgic effect that is specially aimed to bring back memories of the era they have experienced before. There are also everyday items that they can feel and seem along with a vintage set of television system that is featuring old newsreels.

The kitchen displays carbolic soap and packaging of vintage items such as Pilot matches, Spam and Omo. The living room, on the other hand, has been covered with wallpaper with 1960s print as well as furniture from the same era.

The pods are designed to help senior residents into engaging in conversation. It was an idea from the housing association Riverside. They can also reminisce the old time and support residents that are suffering from dementia to give the sense of safety and security.

They recently opened in their address at Harrison Park located in Orchard Park. The centre is part of an £80 million development project that will create a total of 316 care apartments in three different sites all over Hull to celebrate the Dementia Awareness Week.

Butterflies Memory Loss Support Group based in Hull and all its members came together in order to participate at the opening of the care centre.

Shirley Cooke, a member of Butterflies said that the pods made her feel nostalgic. She talked about the time they got their very first television set in the 1960s. They purchased from Rediffusion and the neighbours came to their home to witness the Olympics.

According to the health and wellbeing coordinator of Riverside at Harrison Park located in Hall Road, Shelly Gibson, the rem pods help those who have dementia because of the environment that invokes familiar sense, which makes them comfortable.

The management has been hunting roller blinds prices and first time visitors would wonder where they have been fitted. The entire centre has been catered to their needs that even lifts are covered with roller blinds in order for them to avoid seeing mirrors because their own reflections can cause distress to them.

About Author: Christopher Williams