Tree removal or cutting is a very dangerous task that is why it is advised that you leave all the tree work to the professionals. So when you have a tree problem at home that needs to be resolved immediately, you should call on professional arborists or tree surgeons because they are the ones who are fully capable of handling such dangerous work. The only problem you would have to face is finding the right tree service to help you out. There are numerous companies out there that offer tree removal services. Unfortunately, you cannot be guaranteed that all of these companies would do an efficient task. You would have to take certain steps in order to make sure that you find a qualified and highly experienced company for the job.

According to Mark Tremain from Ark Fencing & Treework, here are critical questions you should ask a company before you hire them.

  1. Will they give you an updated certificate of insurance and a copy of their work contract? You should not be liable for any damages done to your property or any accidents that may occur that is why you should find a company that is insured.
  2. Do they have credentials to show? As much as possible, you should hire a company that belongs or is certified by a known organization like the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).
  3. Are they able to provide a list of references for you to look at? A good company will always be willing to show you a list of customers that they had satisfied in the past. You should ask recent customers so that you are sure that the company can work efficiently.
  4. Can they provide a detailed estimate? You should try to get detailed estimates from at least three companies and compare their prices.
  5. Equipment and estimated length of work. Ask them how they will approach the job, what equipment they will use and how long it would take for the task to finish.
  6. Do they look professional? You can get a glimpse of their professionalism by looking at their truck or at their websites if they have any.
  7. Will they be wearing protective gear? This is important to avoid accidents happening in your property.
About Author: Christopher Williams