Tyres should not be stocked and piled up in one area because it can pose a risk for harm to those who are staying or leaving near the area. Queensland Government has been doing everything to act against the tyre stockpiles in Brisbane. It is not known if these are actually second hand tyres in Brisbane but the stockpile has been recognized to be a disaster whether they are new or second hand.

Around 800,000 tyres have been stockepiled in two sites of the Tyremil group: In Rocklea and Kingston. The company released a statement that the reason why the tyres are being piled up in those areas is that they are putting up a recycling plant that can transform scrap tyres, including those second hand tyres in Brisbane,into steel, gas, and diesel without emitting any harmful or noxious substance into the air. However, according to an informant who used to work for the company before, the recycling plant does not actually exist and that the company’s sites are just being used for dumping used or second hand tyres in Brisbane and from other areas. 85 shipping containers have been dumping used tyres at the Brisbane port and the investigation believes that the company that has been doing this is also associated with Tyremil.

Tyremil Group is controlled by Mr. Tony Di carlo who has been a subject for investigation because of the many complaints received against the company since he came. Soon after he came, the business site started to have overflowing scrap tyres. The Department Of Environment and Heritage Protection investigated the complaints and their company had to pay $11,870 for breaching its conditions of operation. Aside from this, there is another fine remained unpaid by their company.

Mr. Tony Di Carlo has known to have an aggressive and paranoid behavior. Most people who left his company were scared to speak about their experience. But they were those who testified that they were being abused and threatened by Mr. Di Carlo after they decided to leave the company. Reports show that the police once visited him at home and he showed signs of confusion and paranoia. He was also seen carrying a pocketknife.

About Author: Christopher Williams