Painters Augustus Smith Daggy (1858-1942) and his son, Richard (1892-1973), are known for their colorful and vibrant paintings and the way they paint them. But what is remarkable with this father and son duo is the way they get their inspirations.

Many artists would often travel far and wide just to get inspirations to paint, but Augustus and Richard are different. They got their inspirations from local landscapes in their neighborhood of Silvermine along with other nearby areas in Norwalk, New Canaan, Wilton and Westport. With the use of the vibrant and bucolic scenes in their own backyard, they are able to create beautiful masterpieces.

There will be an exhibit of their works in New Canaan Historical Society and will be titled: “In Our Own Backyard –Augustus Smith and Richard Daggy.” The exhibit will be held on May 2, a Saturday, and it will feature all of Augustus and Richard’s works of art which are primarily oil and watercolor landscape paintings.

Many of their artworks will be up for sale and it will also include prints and cartoons. A percentage of the sales will go to the society for its benefit.

Augustus Smith Daggy, or A.S., as he was known, was a founding member of the Silvermine Guild back in 1922 and his son, Richard, also became a member and had even taught there as well. He moved in Norwalk back in 1913.

Augustus was best known for his post impressionistic paintings that are full of color. It would seem that the father and son both had a great love for color as evidenced by Richard following his father’s practice of using color. He was taught in the arts by his father as he grew up and his medium was mainly watercolor.

But although their works share love for color, their styles are different as Augustus makes use of post-impressionism while Richard’s works are expressionist.

But it can be said that the father and son has an appreciation of the beauty of their home environment and has expressed it through paintings.

Most of their paintings are of landscapes.

About Author: Christopher Williams