It is almost the end of the month of August which means that fall is just around the corner. For many, it is the time to change their wardrobe but for a landscaper in Culpeper VA, it is the best time to change the current landscape of your home. Majority of homeowners think that since the blooming season is over, there is very little they can do when it comes to their landscape design.

The end of summer and spring does not mean that you yard should look lost and uncared for. There are talented landscapers who can suggest the ideal fall design including tress, vegetables, bulb and grass. If you want to have autumn trees such as evergreens, pine and spruce in your yard, the best time is from the middle of August until the month of September. Planting during the end of October until November will not give your plant enough time to grow and prepare for the winter season. If you are planting deciduous plants, this can be done from August until November.

For those who are planning to sow grass seed, the best time is from the middle of August until the middle of September. Researchers from the Iowa State University found out that it is more beneficial to seed during the late summer rather than during spring. This is because grass seeds that are designed for cooler seasons are able to germinate faster when planted on the warm soil.

Bulbs that flower during the spring like tulips and daffodils should be planted during the month of October. If you want them to look beautiful in bloom, plant them in groups. You can still plant them in December just as long as the ground is not frozen.

According to a landscaper in Culpeper VA, the best thing about having a vegetable garden in the fall is that there are fewer pests during the season. Make sure that the soil is well prepared before the gardening begins. The soil will be healthier if compost is added due to the fact that it contains microbial life. Remember that too much fertilizer is also not good for the soil.

About Author: Christopher Williams