The voters are now aware of the final listing of the candidates who will be joining this year’s local council elections in Norwich, South Norfolk and Broadland. Election Day is near with less than a month of waiting time.

Public is expected to vote on the May 7th election and though the main focus will be the event in Westminster, there is great competition on the local council sector of the election.

The city council of Norwich needs to fill in 15 seats while there are 13 available in Great Yarmouth Borough. In the case of South Norfolk and Broadland, elections are all-out.

Labour is the one taking the reins in the City Hall of Norwich while the opposing party is Greens.

The last 14 seats that were filled in the last election were occupied by the same people who are in the position.

Twenty one seats were taken by the Labour, 15 by the Greens and three were coveted by the Liberal Democrats.

All seats have representative candidates from all parties, namely, the Liberal Democrats, the Conservatives, the Greens and Labour. It is expected that the Conservatives will try to get a position and be back in the City Hall since they have no representative who won last 2012.

Among those who are fighting to remain in their seats are cabinet members from Labour: Alan Waters, Crome’s deputy leader, and Mayor Keith Driver, former Lord in Lakenham.

There are 47 seats in the Broadland District Council, which is known to be controlled by the conservative, all of which are available making the Tories casts every slot a candidate. One of these candidates is leader Andrew Proctor and he will be aiming to remain in his place at the Blofield ward.

UKIP are gaining more candidates in the field. It can be remembered that in 2011, seven wards had eight candidates from UKIP.

Currently, 25 candidates from UKIP are aiming to win in 24 out of the 27 wards available.

Labour also have candidates in South Norfolk but there is some surprise after the number they are fielding was revealed.

About Author: Christopher Williams