My husband lived in a small apartment when I first met him. He had a tiny kitchen that can barely fit both of us without dancing and shifting awkwardly. Though he had a good set of kitchen equipment and was cautious to refrain from irrelevant appliances and gadgets, he had one thing that I thought was unusual: an electric griddle. So here’s why I’m looking to buy the best electric griddle anyway. Over the past 10 years, I’ve now come to consider this cheap but large appliance, and here’s why!

Knowing What is a Griddle Anyway?

A griddle is basically a large, flat cooking surface. That’s why I keep looking to buy the best electric griddle to see if the surface has a nonstick coating, or is probably made of cast iron. Electric griddles consist of built-in heating element, and stovetop griddles are designed to be heated by the framing of the stove, typically using two burners.

The Purpose of Griddles

Griddles are normally utilized for cooking breakfast such as bacon, French toast and pancakes. My husband had one as he really loved pancakes and his family always made their specialty pancakes on top of an electric griddle. I, however, preferred savory breakfasts so I left the pancake making up to him and otherwise ignored the electric griddle.

The Benefits of an Electric Griddle

Today, I’m now using the griddle more often. This is why I’m looking to buy the best electric griddle, and here are few things I really like mostly about it:

  1. Surface area:Thislarge cooking area means I can prepare more food all at one time, unlike frying pans which can only fit a few pieces.
  2. Entirely flat surface: The flat surface hadno edges making it easy to flip food using a spatula.
  3. Equal heating:On a stovetop griddle, there can be cooler spots in some areas, but an electric one can provide nice, equal heat on its surface.
  4. Grease easily dripping off: There’s usually a small hole on the griddle to keep the grease dripping and pooling in it.
  5. Frees up the stove:An electric griddle can be plugged on the counter to free your stovetop for cooking something else. Think about using it to keep side dishes warm especially on large meals like Thanksgiving.
About Author: Christopher Williams