Ramesh Chandra, a businessman based in Delhi has the worst crisis during his son’s wedding day – they were short of cash. Relatives and guests have already started arriving and they were forced to make do with whatever they have because the ration shops are not accepting any form of credit or debit cards. According to Verma, he deposited Rs 1.5 lakh to spend for the expenses of his son’s wedding only to find out that he is only allowed to withdraw a maximum of Rs 20,000 every week. This is a disaster since the nuptials are only a few days away when he made the withdrawal.

Verma expressed his disappointment and said that people who are planning for their wedding will have a hard time because of the crisis. He has no choice but to give his son a simple wedding ceremony despite the fact that he wanted the opposite. Rahul Kumar is on the same boat because his family is also short of cash and he too is getting married on the same day. None of them can think of a solution to their problem.

According to them, they can give check for certain payments in the wedding preparation including the travel, costs of the tent house and hall as well as major overheads but when it comes to flowers, things that they will need for the wedding ritual and decorations, they will have to use cash.

Vinod Anand is complaining that he does not have any cash on him and his daughter will be wed to a software engineer. Despite his plan to give his daughter a grand wedding, he has no money on hand less than a week before the wedding.

An Indian wedding is never complete if there are no gold jewelries. According to the director of SLG Jewellers located in Lajpat Nagar, Pritesh Goyal, if you have Rs 500 and Rs 1000 with you upon entering the jewelry shop then there is a big chance that you won’t be able to afford anything.

This cash problem continues to plague India and it is a good thing for Australian residents because they will be able to reserve on hand the wedding tents as soon as they find a Marquee for Hire in Sydney either by cash or card.


About Author: Christopher Williams