To begin with, a generic kind of balustrade is a collection of small columns that is usually topped by a rail. The primary purpose of any of balustrade is to reduce the possibility of a person falling off from the stairs or balcony. Also a balustrade can offer privacy like the ancient balustrade that was used for a king’s room which separates the bed itself from the rest of the room. The first balustrades first came sometime between the 13th and 7th centuries BC so technically speaking, balustrades have been part of history. Balustrades nowadays are used in variety of ways. In fact, they now come in different shapes and are made using different materials such as wood and even iron spindles for both decorative and practical purposes. Aside from stairs and balconies in homes and buildings, there are other features in which you can install a balustrade. For starters, you can now install a glass balustrade on decking for your roof deck at home. You see, it allows you to sit down, relax and enjoy the nature all around you or, enjoy the view of the city skyline at night. Glass balustrades will also give your deck a sleek and modern appearance and can enhance the visual appeal of you home.


Earlier this month, Macy’s, a famous department store which has hundreds of branches around the world, has announced its intentions to add a roof deck with a glass balustrade on decking for Herald Square in downtown New York City. The initiative was due to the sudden slump in the number of sales plus numerous closures of stores despite the fact that Herald Square being the 4th most visited tourist destinations in all of New York. The initial plans include reconfiguring the entire layout building out the rooftop to possibly activate the store’s upper floors. Officials at Macy’s also indicated that they are planning to add restaurants, benches where people can rest and, open green space with trees to add a relaxing scenery in the floor. Rooftop gardens are no longer as they can now be found in other buildings in other countries so this decision of Macy’s is a good one considering the circumstances.


About Author: Christopher Williams