Everybody needs a decent employment because it will be the main source of income which will be used to feed your family and buy your everyday needs. Unfortunately, the unstable economy has forced big corporations in the past to shut down, or to say the least, slash away jobs. Or worst, some corporations are forced to cut benefits of employees for the corporation to be able to survive. Now that some of the world’s richest countries are starting to recover economically, their country’s unemployment rate is starting to balance things out. More and more people are able to get decent jobs with equally decent benefits. And this, includes those in the industry of office cleaning in Melbourne.


In the last, the industry of professional cleaners has been one of the few businesses in the world which has been struggling to properly pay its workers. And don’t forget about various deductions in salary including the deduction for the uniforms used by commercial cleaners. The good news especially for those who really pushed themselves in office cleaning Melbourne, you won’t have to receive the horribly small pay you get before 2015. Since November of 2016, there has been an increase of hourly rate of cleaners and is now standing at 10.05 Euros which is higher from the previous hourly rate which stood at 9.75 Euros. There are two more scheduled increases coming up on December 1, 2017 and December 1, 2018 which will make the rates 10.40 Euros an hour and lastly, 10.80 Euros per hour of working. That is considerably good news especially for novice cleaners because they can earn enough for their family.


In addition to the increase of the hourly rates, the deductions and other related charges when it comes to the provision of uniforms for cleaners will finally be removed from the practice. Labour ministers around the world believe that providing workers with the right uniforms and other related equipment should be the sole responsibility of the employers themselves and that they shouldn’t in any way charge the uniforms just to be able to provide them with decent uniforms that they will use when working.


About Author: Christopher Williams