There are only a few differences with male and female bathrooms  such as vanity units, stalls, toilets and mirrors.In places where a lot of people gather, it is a common occurrence to build bathrooms that are exclusively meant for a specific gender only: either male or female. The gender division is mostly due to moral and ethical reasons.

But the problem now is that with the rise of the transgender community, these types of bathrooms do not seem to be as relevant as before. It would be confusing and quite difficult for a transgender man or woman to use a public bathroom due to their situation and the only effective solution for this is to increase the construction of unisex bathrooms which people of any gender can share.

This is what the people of Round Lake High School did after one of their students, 18-year old Jonas Valentine who is also transgender, requested that they add more unisex bathrooms to the school.

According to the spokeswoman for the Round Lake Area Unit District 116, Heather Bennett, the school now has 6 unisex restrooms, adding 4 more to the first 2 gender neutral restrooms which were built near the cafeteria last school year.
Valentine had started an online petition to press the school into adding more unisex bathrooms last week and on Friday, after having met with the counselor; they agreed to install more bathrooms regardless of gender.

The reason as to why there is a need for additional bathrooms is that Round Lake High School has a very large building and it would take quite a lot of time and energy for transgender people like Jonas Valentine, who still remains as Alicia Macias in school records, to find them.

Valentine has expressed her gratitude towards the school. He says that he is very thankful that the school had agreed to add more gender neutral bathrooms for the current and future transgender students.

The one person washrooms that are scattered around the school are now marked as unisex washrooms.

About Author: Christopher Williams