Although trust is still a big issue when it comes to online shopping, there is no doubt that more and more US consumers are turning to their mobiles to shop. In fact, research shows that a majority of the consumers would prefer if shopping becomes a full time mobile experience.

Last holiday season, a marketing firm has surveyed over 2000 consumers so that they could find out how technology is affecting shopping habits and there they found out that most people do prefer mobile shopping other than anything else.

Their survey has shown that more people are turning to mobile devices like tablets and smartphones to look for an item or to research a product is now a normal occurrence. 65 percent of surveyed consumers below the age of 50 would have preferred if shopping was made exclusive to mobiles only. Many of them are very intrigued and no doubt interested with the latest technological innovations that provide better online shopping experience. One of these innovations is the iBeacon service developed by Apple. This service allows the information and personalized offers to be placed directly on a person’s mobile screen.

Online shopping has really become a booming industry and as technology continues to advance, it will surely thrive even more. Physical shoppers don’t need to worry though because online shopping has not reached the point in which it has greatly affected physical and traditional shopping yet although some would fear that the time would soon come.

The only concerns with online and mobile shopping are the security issues. Many people are not comfortable with their records and data being recorded in various websites. Fraud and theft have become a rampant evil in the world of Internet shopping but they would not be that much of a problem anymore as many tech companies are developing new ways to enhance a consumer’s security as well as prevent theft and fraud. Internationally known financial corporation, Visa, has even extended their token technology to fight the battle against fraud.

The only issue now for online and mobile shopping would be trust. Trust is very hard to come by these days but when people find an online shopping platform that they can trust, they’ll seriously get hooked.

About Author: Christopher Williams