When people hear “pest control in Sydney,” they immediately assume that is about eradication of spiders, cockroaches, ants, rodents, etc. Pest control is very important because it helps prevent the spread of diseases. Pests carry harmful bacteria that can be passed to food through contact with their legs, antennae and mouth parts.

Insects that feed on plant tissues and plant products are called herbivores. They are responsible for the destruction of at least one-fifth of the world’s total crop production. Herbivorous insects have preference for certain foods and tastes which they can easily distinguish from one another. It is difficult to explain how the insects determine whether the plant is tasty or not. Taste usually depends on the plant’s chemical composition and whether the insect is a generalist or a specialist.

A generalist insect feeds of different plant species while the specialist insect only eats a few plant species. Insects usually use their hair-covered legs, mouthparts or antennae to taste food. For example, the generalist insect will not eat a plant when it senses that it is bitter and toxic. Many insects do not like the medicinal desert plant because of its strong smell and toxic substances.

Instead of using pesticides, EdenShield has developed a green alternative that is based on the extracts of a plant that is found in the Judaean Desert. The natural insect repellent can be used by farmers as protection for their crops against pests that enter the greenhouse. Because it is natural and environmentally friendly, the natural insect repellentcan be used without damaging human health and the environment.

Another product that is calledGateKeeperis a spray made from natural plant extracts. The product can be used at the entrance of the greenhouse to drive pests away from plants. While some insects still manage to find their way inside the greenhouse, their numbers are substantially reduced.

Environmentally friendly products are also used by pest control in Sydney to ensure that pest management and control will not be harmful to humans and pets. Friendly, fully trained and accredited staff ensures safe, effective and guaranteed outcomes to homes, businesses and commercial spaces.

About Author: Christopher Williams