It is not surprising how tough it is for the remaining loved ones to make funeral arrangements when a family member pass away but some New Yorkers will even have a more challenging time because they have been advised that they need to wait before they can give their last respects to their dead loved ones.

According to the head of the Metropolitan Funeral Directors Association, Robert Ruggiero, the problem came into their attention about two years ago since the operations of the mortuary have been changed.

The morgues located at the Bronx and Staten Island is no longer operation after a shutdown notice from the Office of Chief Medical Examiner. They have cited that their reason for doing this is to have addition control of the overall operations as well as to achieve optimum efficiency for the operations.

Currently, all of the remains coming from the said boroughs have to be transported to any of these three locations – Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn.

Ruggiero revealed that this has resulted to a logistical nightmare especially for funeral directors when time comes that they have to recover the remains. Funeral arrangements are already time consuming as is and this additional task is adding more hours to the job. Not to mention the burden they have to go through because of the changes in procedures.

He added that they have to wait as the prep procedures are conducted, the medical examiner to be done with examination and wait some more for the releasing hours – a burden they have to live with.

Before the policy change, the office of the medical examiner can be accessed for 24 hours but now it has designated operating hours which is between 8:30 and 6:30.

Ruggiero explained that there are families who are coming to them with the desire to have a viewing the next day so the burial can be scheduled after a week but it is not possible because they do not have access to the deceased body until three or four days later. Thankfully, no funeral director in Rockingham has complained of such occurrence in their area.

About Author: Christopher Williams