It is amazing how ribbons, from being used for decoration purposes, have managed to become something entirely different that helps people to show their cooperation and dedication for a something or for a specific cause. It was only used to make fancy wrappings, but then it somehow became a universal language that shows unity of all those which have the same ideals. One of the spitting examples that show the greatness of ribbons are the pink ribbons which gives awareness for the deadly breast cancer.

Pink t-shirts, pink banners, pink everywhere – pink has been used universally to show awareness about Breast Cancer. This was also shown by tying a pink ribbon anywhere you can. Recently, in New Britain, The Walnut Park along with the whole downtown area flocked with over thousands of pink ribbons prior to the annual race held by the ‘Connecticut Breast Health Initiative’.

The Coordinator and operator of the event, Sharon Lapila, was the one who lead students to tie the meaningful pink ribbon in public chairs, trees, gazebo and even in tennis courts. Over 500 to 600 ribbons were tied by mere students that shows their support for Breast cancer awareness.

Prior to the tying of the students, the Coordinator herself tied over hundreds of ribbons on the Square Park on her own. Over 100 ribbons were tied by her on the Square Park while another 300 ribbons were tied on the town just by herself. On the other hand, other community members show their supports. One example is the Rock Cats of the area who showed their support through a ‘Pink game’ which they organized. Afterwards, another batch of pink ribbons made their way to police stations and city hall through the lead of Lapila.

The co-chairman of the race for this 2015 annual race expressed his gratitude and excitement regarding the pink ribbons where he credited Lapila and other volunteers which were the students.

Lapila also added that all the hard work and effort she puts on her volunteer actions are worth it especially when he hears great news from those people who are actual victims of the disease but still survives. People show their amazement regarding the coordinator and they also express their cooperation on the Pink Ribbon Awareness for Breast Cancer.

About Author: Christopher Williams