If you want to be sure that whatever kind of diamonds that you are planning to buy, make sure that the diamond, whether it’s a diamond ring or a diamond necklace is accompanied with an authenticated GIA certification that will certify that yes,  that diamond is of high quality and carries an unquestionably high value. But why is it important that the diamond is always accompanied with such certification? Let’s put it this way: GIA is the world’s leading independent authority when it comes to properly giving out diamond grading and most of the time, GIA diamonds have a carat value of 0.30. Even though some companies have their own certificates of authenticity for their diamonds and other jewelleries, it’s better to purchase GIA diamonds especially when in Thailand because you can be assured that the diamonds that you are buying are only of the highest quality and is worth every penny that you are paying for it.

Nowadays, there are newer trends that are being picked up on by gemmologists around the world. In fact, GIA diamonds have been changing in terms of styles and cuts. Below are some of the diamonds trends that moved the industry in 2016 and will be continued in 2017:

  • Cushion- It has a shape of a pillow. It combines a square cut that has rounded corners all around. This specific cut for a diamond has been around for 200 years and it has been considered as one of the most popular cuts of a diamond. In 2016, cushion cut made a big comeback in the industry.
  • Marquise- This cut of a diamond got its unique name from one of France’s kings, King Louis XIV. According to legend, the king was so crazy about the mouth of Marquise de Pompadour that he even ordered someone to fashion a stone that would have resemblance of that mouth. Typically, Marquise cut represents semblance, thus making it perfect for those who have elongated fingers. It saw its major resurgence back in 2016, too.
  • Trillion- This cut was initially created as an accent stone which made to flank a centre stone of a different cut. This cut prospered into its own back in 2016 and has in fact, become a cutting edge. This is perfect for those who are looking to make a statement because this is more unique compared to the traditional cuts of diamonds.

About Author: Christopher Williams