With the Singaporean tuition market as big as it is, with minimal estimates hovering around $1B, home tuition agency apps and the like are in demand in the country.

Chia Luck Yong, the mind behind the free tutoring app known as EduSnap, has released another tutoring app, this one for peer tuition: AsknTeach.

Mr. Chia originally developed EduSnap with two other compatriots, all of them Management University alumni like him, Anders Tan and Shaun Tan. The trio came together sometime during 2013, envisioned and developed EduSnap, then released it the following year.

The free mobile app drew a considerable amount of attention to itself, having self-promoted as the first of its kind, an app focused on helping Singapore students by matching them with the appropriate tutor or home tuition agency, and was even reported about in major media channels.

Mr. Chia developed AsknTeach following the EduSnap trio’s separation late 2015, believing that Singaporean families deserved the best help with tuition, and put the app up for free download sometime May this year.

AsknTeach functions similarly to the prior EduSnap, with students uploading questions that they require help in, only instead of matching them to a tutor or a home tuition agency like EduSnap did, AsknTeach gets other students to answer the inquiries, seeking to avoid an issue that popped up with the EduSnap’s operational model.

According to Mr. Chia, due to the sheer volume of questions going through the app, tutors were unable to keep up with the questions, with some out and out deciding to remove their services from the app. The app then had trouble with finding tutors to answer questions, but Mr. Chia had noted that other students were also quite active in answering questions, despite the lack of compensation.

Mr. Chia states his belief that AsknTeach will avoid a similar issue, and establish a community or system wherein older students guide younger ones, with the more active ones even receiving financial compensation.

Even with the rise of apps similar to EduSnap since its discontinuation, Mr. Chia says that AsknTeach has a place in the market, stating that there are so many students with questions that it would be impractical to only have tutors help students, when other students are willing and happy to provide help.

Mr. Chia has already revealed potential additions to the app, which would be implemented as the user-base, currently sitting at 100 students despite the lack of marketing, continues to grow.

About Author: Christopher Williams