According to the latest BNZ and Market Review report online retail sector has experienced increased sales by more than 9% over the past year. This is testimony to New Zealand’s love affair with the digital world. However, the new is not exactly bright for local retailers because international online sales account for 45% of the spending. This means the local retailers have to strive harder and work more to be able to compete.

Because of the success and strength of the original and most established retail conference and exhibition that was held in Australia, Online Retailer will return to New Zealand for the second year. Online Retailer is an event dedicated to professionals who are not afraid of getting their hands dirty and who want to be smarter doing things. In today’s fast changing industry, smart retailers must be able to adapt to the customer’s behaviors and deliver more memorable experiences.

In a world dominated by technology and where the next generation of shoppers is young, mobile and social, Online Retailer will discuss ways to connect to these young shoppers to be able to grow sales. Ruth Brown, the head of User Experience at Trade Me, the largest internet auction website operating in New Zealand, will present at Online Retailer her insights on how to understand consumer behavior and how to take advantage of the information.

Philippa Ward, content manager from Farmers will discuss the importance of being able to connect with social customers to increase conversions and gain measurable results. Louisa Simpson, head of Online at Pacific Brands in Australia will also discuss the company’s in-house conversion rate optimization program and how it helps them create a data-driven culture for the online business.

Online Retailer is an event that everyone is looking forward to because of the opportunity to meet other people working in ecommerce. New and fresh ideas can be gathered easily from the other attendees.

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About Author: Christopher Williams