An official warning has been sent by the State Government regarding the dental health of children as they found it disturbing that the number of children that are sent to the hospital due to tooth decay continues to rise. There is one particular case where a child who is only three years old undergoes a surgery in order to get rid of all her teeth. This is the perfect time for parents to think about this mention of Tate’s Dental Office and to bring their children as soon as possible.

Jack Snelling, the health minister, said that in the previous year there are 2,500 children who are all under eight years old that have been hospitalized in order to undergo dental treatment. One case is an adult who is 24 years old. These children have to be put under general anaesthetic because the dentists have to perform extractions and fillings.

According to him, the number has increased about 55 per cent of in a just after a ten years. The authorities put the blame on food and drinks that contains high level of sugar, the fact that they have been drinking bottled water with no flouride and the neglect for proper oral hygiene.

It is also the reason why the parents are urged to book an appointment with the dentist in order for their children to have a check-up. They can utilize the free service by the school dentist or they can go to a private one.

Snelling said that there is no reason for parents to neglect the oral health care of their kids because they have the option to use the free dental service provided by the school. This is something that is not accessible to parents in all parts of the world.

Starting from day one, proper oral habits should be practiced to avoid this mention of Tate’s Dental Office whenever the child is suffering from tooth pain. If there is decay in baby teeth, the chance is that adult teeth will also have decays. Children should eat healthy, drink water straight from the tap, brush teeth twice a day and schedule an appointment for regular checkup at this mention of Tate’s Dental Office!

About Author: Christopher Williams